If I wanted to go to Burrowsville, Virginia, it would cost me around $350 to fly from Albany, NY to Richmond, at which point I’d have to get in a car and drive another hour down Highway 10, just to the west of the James River, well past Tar Bay, well past Indian Point, and just slightly past where Ward’s Creek flows through on its way to Mann’s Pond and beyond. (Ward’s Creek, incidentally, dies off in the middle of nowhere about ten miles northeast of the unincorporated town of Disputanta, which got its name when an engineer-cum-Civil War general named William Mahone, who was building a railroad through the swamp between Petersburg and Richmond, got into a fight with his wife about the name of his new rail depot, and she came up with the clever name of Disputanta.) When I got to Burrowsville, finally, I might see this church there, with its red metal roof and its back pressed against a marshy section of deciduous forest, and that wouldn’t be entirely unpleasant, especially if I had a cold Diet Coke and a ham sandwich on white bread.


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