Been slow going on the reading front, but I managed to score some great finds at the Whitney Book Corner in downtown Schenectady yesterday: four Library of America-style volumes of Philip Roth, that beast that JK Rowling wrote after Potter was finished, some book about Detroit by a blowhard ex-badboy reporter. But the real prize:

How To Be Alone, by Jonathan Franzen. Say what you will about his personality, the man has some crazy powers of insight, and had them even in 1995, when he wrote “The Reader in Exile,” an essay about the death of the novel, among other things that are killing our society.

His essay, “Why Bother? (The Harper’s Essay)” is pretty long-winded, but also worth reading if you’re a writer or wish you were one.

I took down Justin Torres’ We Were Animals this week. Amazingly beautiful read, quick, but pointed. Recommend.


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